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Giants of lighting sector came together in LED CHINA EXPO 2017. In the expo where the newest designs of the sector were exhibited, Decor LED was present. The expo held in Gıanghau city in China, is considered as one of the biggest expos of the lighting sector. The expo draws attention by having a unique network. In the scope of the expo held in between 12 -15 February 800 firms had the chance to exhibit their products.

In the expo established on an area of 70 thousand square meters, more than 55 thousand visitors wee hosted. Decor LED was one of the firms that drew most attention in the expo. In the scope of the expo where especially the products designed by LED technology were outstanding, electronic designs and decoration products were also under the interest of the visitors. Also lighting retailing and shop design, digital engraving machine related materials and accessories were exhibited.

Machines and equipment used in production like the laser cutting and shaping machines, digital printing equipment, UV flat press machine produced with new technology were also introduced to the manufacturers. Many promotion works were also held regarding the product types that are widely used like lighting box types or signboard products. 3D products, as in all expos, were one of the products that drew the most attention in LED CHINA EXPO 2017.

POP products, display equipment, mobile presentation devices and advertisement products were the other product groups that were promoted in the expo. This giant organization that has the producers, importers and exporters leading in many countries of the world come together, was remarkable as it turned to giant network at the same time. While firms had the chance to establish new friendships in the expo, LED CHINA 2017 was also a base for the new business deals. Decor LED, exhibiting the newest product types, succeeded to get full marks from the visitors.

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