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About Us

Yargı Foreign Trade is a multinational Turkish supplier group operating in several sectors including Lighting, Textile, Energy, Chemicals, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Industrial Production.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Yargı Foreign Trade has its own global sales offices and regional offices located in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United States of America, in addition to its global sales offices endeavoring to offer globally competitive price levels as well as to provide the products quickly. In this way, the company continues with its delivery and, of course, highest quality operations.


With the experiences we have gained by the years, we have taken it as a mission to develop business and become a pioneer in the global market. We have the mission of contributing to our country and our region to have a say in the global sector by continually expanding our service range. We are offering the best quality in a timely manner to our business partners both in domestic and foreign trade.


It is our vision to meet the expectations of our business partners in domestic and foreign trade sectors at the highest levels and to offer quick solutions all the time. We continue with our services and operations with the vision of becoming the leader brand of the sector by offering time, cost and labor advantages to our customers. We are sharing the innovations in all sectors we are operating in with our business partners.

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